Surface well testing measures are performed in order to measure all parameters which relate to oil, gas and water production, preparing model and comparing this model with primary ones. The measurements are performed by mobile oil separators which are equipped with data acquisition system (DAS) and provide all required parameters in form of Real-Time on screen.

Oil Exploration Operations Company is equipped with three sets of well testing equipments.
The equipments are as follows:



  1. Surface test tree
  2. Data Header
  3. Choke manifold
  4. Surface safety valves
  5. Steam heat exchanger
  6. 3-Phase separator
  7. Surge tank
  8. Gauge tank
  9. Fluids samplers
  10. Emergency shut down system (ESD)
  11. Data acquisition system (DAS)
  12. Transfer pump
  13. Oil & Gas Manifold
  14. Oil burners
  15. Pipe works