Processing seismic data is necessary for connecting geophysical data survey and explaining that data.
This progress required high speed and accuracy. Our purpose in OEOC Company is to process geophysical data in order to provide the most accurate and obvious image from subsurface structures.
This company can process 2D, 3D and 4D seismic data of lands, transition zones and marine area by employing a set of professional processing software.
ProMaz, GeoCluster and +GeoVecteur are among software that are used in processing department of OEOC for processing 2D and 3D seismic data of land and marine areas. VSP data may also be used in accordance with employer’s inquiry.
One of the distinctive aspects of OEOC processing center is designing and processing sequences and parameters for solving problems of a seismic line or part of 3D Cube.
Accordingly, various processing methods are employed for quality control and representing related results. We try to provide final results with high resolution and true relative amplitude. Reciprocal cooperation of processing and interpreting teams provides required conditions in order to develop conformity of final results with geological criteria.

Hereunder are services of OEOC processing department:

- Processing 2D and 3D land and marine seismic data 

- Reviewing seismic data 

- Preparing seismic profiles 

- Preparing well logging diagrams 

- Interpreting 2D and 3D land and marine seismic data

Other used software:

- Focus  Software  (data processing)

- Seisfile  Software (digitalizing data)

- Logfile  Software (digitalizing data)

- SpaMedia  (compacting and rewriting data from magnetic bonds on DLT)

- Magma (compacting and rewriting data from magnetic bonds on DLT)

- Tigress (Interpreting)

- (Hampson Russel (Seismic Inversion

- (Odegaard(Seismic Inversion

List of data processing projects fulfilled by Oil Exploration Operations Company:

Name of City Type of Processing Name of City Type of Processing Name of City Type of Processing Name of City Type of Processing
 Kashan  2D  Raz  2D Mousian 2D Shadegan  2D
&nbs;Zaghe     2D Bid Karz 2D Anaran 2D Gorgan 2D
 Abouzar   2D Mahshar 2D Varamin 2D Gonabad   2D
 Zabol   2D Hoveizeh 2D Hoveizeh 2D Balaroud  2D
Se Ghanat  2D Ahvaz  2D Anaran 2D Sarab 2D
Garangan  2D Shoushtar 2D  Germi 2D Arash 2D
Borazjan 2D  Genaveh   2D Ab Teymour 2D Khazar 2D
Sharanjan 2D Ein Khosh 2D Tabriz 2D