Two similar units with same technical proposal which are working as fallow:

The 180K Zone II nitrogen unit is designed to meet all oilfield Zone II standards and supplies gaseous nitrogen at flow rates up to 180,000 SCFH (3000 SCFM) and pressures up to 10,000 psig. The minimum outlet gas temperature at full rate will not be lower than 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The energy required to vaporize the liquid nitrogen comes from two sources; engine heat recovery and hydraulic system heat recovery.

The Nitrogen Pumping units and nitrogen tanks are mounted to a heavy duty skid and surrounded by a protective frame. Both the skid and protective frame are constructed of mild steel with both square and rectangular hollow sections of grade ASTM 500-99-Gr. B. The nitrogen unit can be moved via the forklift tubes that are incorporated into the base skid or the four lift eyes on the protective frame. Provisions for storing treating iron are also provided on the skid assembly. In addition to the protective frame, major components are protected by additional guards incorporated in the skid and protective frame.

Caterpillar 3406 Industrial Engine rated at 520 BHP at 2100 RPM. The engine is equipped with a Pyroban and the package is designed to meet the oilfield Zone II requirements. The engine is also equipped with emergency shutdown, low oil pressure shutdown, over-speed shutdown, stainless steel fuel tank, electronic engine controls and Pyroban system indicators on the control panel.

The HPT 180 K Nitrogen Units utilizes three (3) types of heat recovery. The first type is heat recovery from the engine block using the coolant circuit. The second type of heat recovery is from the hydraulics system also using the coolant circuit. The third and final means of heat recovery is from the engine exhaust directly to the nitrogen.

Safety Feature

  • Oilfield Zone II Pyroban system.
  • Anti static and fire resistant belts. 
  • Non-metallic fan. 
  • Coolant over-temperature shutdown. 
  • Coolant loss of flow shutdown. 
  • Loss of lube oil pressure shutdown.
  • Emergency shutdown.
  • Over pressure shutdown.
  • Over speed shutdown.


Nitrogen Tanks:

When working with liquid nitrogen in high pressure oil filed applications, need a tank on your equipment that is designed from field tested experience so it performs when you need it most. The oil field Nitrogen tanks are assembled with the latest materials to integrate seamlessly with system and provide maximum durability for the long haul.

  • Two offshore Nitrogen tanks are available with 2100Gal capacity for each one.

  • Two oil field Nitrogen semi-trailers are available with 3200Gal capacity for each one.


Net Capacity(Gal)

Max Pressure(bar)



Empty Weight(lbs)