During drilling operations of oil and gas wells, casings shall be assembled and stabilized with cement in order to protect wall of the borehole. It also may be assembled to inject acid and stimulate production zone when production is not satisfactory. Pump truck is employed for cementing and acidizing operations.

OEOC has five pump trucks with all required subsidiary equipments including cement silo, transportation tanks for acid and cement, acid tanks with different capacities and etc. Two of these trucks are B621PCS and three others are II34-70GJT. These equipments are manufactures on the basis of latest modern technologies in field of mixing, information gathering and automatic control operations which are providing required conditions for fulfillment of operations in temperature of -20 to +55 ⁰C a more than 90% of humidity.


Moreover, OEOC is benefited from following facilities for reserving, transporting, measuring and cutting cement packs and also for reserving and transporting acidic fluids.


  1.  Cement tank (750 & 1050 square feet)
  2.  Cement measuring tank (500 square feet)
  3.  Cement solution tank (500 square feet)
  4.  Special tank for cutting cement packs
  5.  Cement transportation twin tank
  6.  Acid tank (15000 gallons)
  7.  Fluids tank (4000 gallons)
  8.  Covered tank for acid transportation (4000 gallons)