Oil Exploration Operations Company is one of the most famous private companies in field of gas and oil upstream activities. Since 2006 and by transfer of 100% of company’s share to Oil Pension Fund Investment Company, this company commenced its operation in three different fields of exploration operations, drilling and subsidiary integrated drilling services in a completely different form.

The main reliance of OEOC has been always on its skilled and dedicated human workforces and cutting edge equipments; in recent years, efforts of experts and managers of this company resulted in achieving successful exports of technical and engineering services beyond borders of our proud nation. Provision of quality services leveled our path to find our place in the region.

Now that we reached the 105th anniversary of National Oil Company, we as a private company are honored to state that this company managed to provide expert exploration and technical services by relying on its 15 years of experience; our activity raised a new wave of change in the industry in Iran.

We hope that, as an expert holding company, will play significant role in evolution of the oil industry by recognizing challenges and opportunities.


Oil Exploration Operations Company as one of the most famous Iranian company in oil upstream industries has fulfilled various projects in exploration and technical fields including geophysical studies and services, designing and surveying seismic data, processing and interpreting seismic data, compacting magnetic bonds, subsidiary drilling services and many other related services. OEOC tried to develop technical and engineering services according to economical and commercial principles and as per oil industry’s 20 years perspective. Moreover, the company, by playing significant role in internal and international markets, employs development strategy in mentioned markets and tries to improve safety and environmental standards by the purpose of preserving national resources and developing to a holding company.